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Latest Tourism Posts
Omar Mosque in Jerusalem

The Mosque of Omar

(Cover photo credit: Usmanreddy at en.wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons) The Mosque of Omar is a mosque in Jerusalem commemorating the place where Caliph Omar prayed. Here you…
Latest Jewish Holidays Posts
Ruth in the Field

Shavuot – Feast of Weeks

A celebration of divine coupling. A countdown of 50 days. And a lot of cheese. Welcome to Shavuot, the holiday that celebrates it all. What is Shavuot? What does Shavuot…
Israelites Leaving Egypt

Pesach – Passover

Slavery, miracles, frogs, liberation and one Charlton Heston. Welcome to Passover, the holiday that has it all – and much, much more. What is Passover? What does Passover mean? What…
Latest History Posts
Paratroopers at the Western Wall

The Six Day War of 1967

A superpower trying to mix things up. Agreements are violated. An incredible fight against all odds. And an amazing victory. Welcome to the Six Day War of 1967. Introduction to…
Egyptian Tanks Destroyed in Sinai

The Suez Crisis of 1956

International intrigues. Hidden financial interests. Secret agreements between states. Inherent distrust. And two European superpowers. This isn’t the new Tom Clancy Novel. This is the story of the Suez Crisis,…